As the world adjusts to the new normal, many offices and residential buildings will be looking to improve the tenant’s experience for food pickup. The best solution to create a more efficient delivery experience for tenants is the Lavii Access Smart Food Lockers. With our new solution, your tenants can now sign up to use the Lavii Access Smart Food Lockers within your building for their food delivery needs.

These smart food lockers create a seamless pickup experience for tenants by allowing tenants to have their food delivered to the Lavii Access Smart Food Locker instead of interacting directly with the delivery driver. This pickup process for the tenant is as simple as SCAN, GRAB, and GO and can be completed within 10 seconds or less.


Provide your tenants with a safe, secure, and incredibly convenient pickup process.

  • Dedicated Delivery Method
    Keep your orders at the desired temperature with our individual insulated compartments
  • Order Convenience
    Tenants can be notified instantly once their food has been placed inside of the Lavii smart food locker and retrieve the food at their convenience.
  • Contactless Food Pickup
    Tenants interact directly with the Lavii Smart Food lockers to retrieve their order, which eliminates the tenant’s need to interact with the third-party delivery driver. 


Designed for safety and convenience, our contactless pickup solution is beneficial to all parties involved.

Minimal Contact

Our contactless smart food locker systems require minimal physical contact and human interaction.

Safe and Secure

Our Smart Food Locker system keeps tenant's orders secure from theft and outside contaminants.

Improve Tenant Experience

With a designated pickup area, customer can locate and pickup orders at their own convenience.



Tenant Journey

Places Order

Tenant places order through third party food delivery system.

Tenant Receives "Order Delivered" Message

This message contains QR code needed to open locker

Order is Picked Up!

Tenant's QR Code is used to open locker and retrieve order.

Delivery Driver Journey

Third-Party Driver Arrives

The delivery driver arrives at the establishment to deliver the tenant’s order to the Lavii Smart Food Locker

Driver Places Food inside of the Lavii Smart Food Locker

The delivery driver enters in the tenant’s information and places the order in an available locker compartment