Smart Lockers Solution

Our solution expedites the normal grab and go process to create a less than a one minute experience.

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Improve Your
Order Pickup Process

Expedite and secure the normal pickup process for customers and food delivery services.

  • Minimal Contact

    Our locker’s QR code scanner allows customers to retrieve orders with minimal locker contact and no human interaction.

  • Order Security

    Orders are placed within a secure compartment that is only accessible to the intended customer.

  • Decreased Congestion

    Eliminate long lines and wait times
    for customers and food delivery drivers.

Why you should purchase
our locker solution

Designed with both the restaurant and end customer in mind, our pickup solution is beneficial to all parties involved.

Increase Order Volume

Increase order frequency by streamlining the order and pickup processes.

Reduce Overhead Costs

Reduce overhead costs by increasing order output without increasing costs.

Minimal Contact

Our locker systems require minimal physical contact and human interaction.

Streamline Processes

Locker system integrates with your current Point of Sale system.

Improve Customer Experience

With a designated pickup area and no lines, customer can pickup orders faster.

Customer Support

Our support team is here to help you with all of your smart locker needs.



Customer Journey

Places Order

Customer places order through restaurant’s online order sytem.

"Order Ready" Message Received

This message contains QR code needed to open locker

Order is Picked Up!

Customer's QR Code is used to open locker and retrieve order.

Restaurant Journey

Receives Order

Restaurant receives order via it's Point-Of-Sale System (POS).

Cooks/Prepares Order

Restaurant begins cooking and  preparing food for pickup.

Selects Locker For Order Placement

Using tablet, restaurant selects locker(s) they would like the order to be placed in.

Places Order In Locker

Restaurant places the order in the locker(s) selected and closes door(s).